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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Card Making Joke

I was present with a card last night from a dear friend. She made up a card, and written on the card her adventure in making this card. I can relate so much due to all the trials and error I have made in with learning how to make cards.  We were laughing so hard that we had tears rolling down our cheeks. I am going to share this with you..I hope it makes you laugh hard and have tears down your cheek as well.


Ok, so maybe not cool and crafty like yours, how about HANDWRITTEN? Let me tell you a little story: This is the fourth card…You didn’t tell me the envelopes wouldn’t fit! I kept cutting and cutting the card to fit the envelope of course, after I made them…Well, over there is what was left of card #3 (in the 2nd picture on the lower right hand side of the opened card is a little card glued on) So, then I realized again  after I started I was supposed to glue this paper to the cardstock. Oh well, see inserted piece of cardstock ( the 1st picture of the gold metallic paper with cut out stars) I also paid absolutely no attention to what type of glue to use. Thus the wrinkly effect on the card is from the leftover JB Weld we used on the car. I don’t have cool toys like you, However…I gave you 3 of my favorite Pokémon stickers (by the way we hate Pokémon). I gave up on the gluing of the bling bling, So I gave you 2 bling bling hair pins Oh & I would've given you the other cut out stars but the %^&^* stars thingy's popped off the card and landed glued side down on my floor  to forever stay. Remember I used car glue. So I sewed the ones on that were left Oh yea…The flower on the envelope  The first 3 times I sewed the envelope shut. Progress not perfection. This was a little story to make you laugh so yuck it up ..No more cards..I am outta of supplies.

004 (2)005 (3)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. oh I remember those days well. good for her to try and hopefully you can share a few supplies so she can try again :)

  2. Good, early morning wake-up laugh. I think we can all relate to this cute adventure!
    Sue S.